Building Wholeness

“In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.”

— Abraham Maslow
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Addressing the Whole Person

At SENT, Inc., we understand that mental and physical health are interconnected. Our comprehensive behavioral health services address a wide range of needs focused on serving the Whole Person, including:

Behavioral health generally refers to mental health and substance use disorders, life stressors and crises, and stress-related physical symptoms. Behavioral health care refers to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of those conditions.*

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Responding to Community Needs

behavioral health _ mental health _ case management (4)
behavioral health _ mental health _ case management
behavioral health _ mental health _ case management (9)
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We are committed to wholistic transformation in Shawnee County

In 2020, our leadership recognized that in order to achieve wholistic transformation, we couldn’t ignore mental health. We started looking at barriers - accessibility and affordability. Our goal is to reduce those barriers so behavioral health is both accessible and affordable to everyone in our community. We began our work in this area by bringing on a mental health therapist and have since added substance use disorder services with a licensed addiction specialist in 2023 and case management in 2023 under this umbrella of services.

“Parents, families, and caregivers are a “minority” group in the mental health system. This population is hungry for knowledge, direction, and peace of mind."

― Tamara Hill, MS ― 

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