The SE Topeka Market

A Platform for Wellness

Others have questioned if hunger exists in our country; I can tell you that hunger does exist in this country. For many adults and children, going to sleep hungry is not a threat; it’s a regular occurrence. And it must end.

- Mike Espy, Former USDA Secretary -

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Looking to the Future

We look forward to resuming The Monthly SE Topeka Market in 2025 as we continue to develop our Community Wellness initiatives.

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About The SE Topeka Market

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Fresh Produce, Meat, and Dairy

While each month's bundles and offerings will look a little different, visitors to the SE Topeka Market can expect fresh produce, meat, and dairy bundles to be available as well as other items, various community resources, and business offerings.

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Addressing Food Insecurity in Hi-Crest


The results of a recent Health Ratings report for Shawnee County highlight the urgent need for initiatives like the Southside Filling Station. With rising poverty rates, limited access to education and childcare, and financial hardships, it's clear that our community needs support now more than ever.

  • 15% of adults report fair or poor health.
  • Adults reported experiencing poor physical health for an average of 3.4 days in the past month.
  • 8% of babies are born with low birth weights.

These statistics underscore the importance of food security and access to healthy choices. The Southside Filling Station aims to address this critical need in Hi-Crest.

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