Building a Healthier Hi-Crest

At SENT, Inc., we are committed to promoting the well-being of our community. Our Community Wellness initiatives focus on providing access to healthy food resources and fostering a culture of wellness.

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Food Insecurity

The Hi-Crest neighborhood is ranked 4 out of 5 in food insecurity, with a rank of 5 being the most food insecure area of town. The closest grocery stores to Avondale East are at least a mile or longer away. The community is considered to be a food desert, a transportation desert, and a childcare desert. The west side of the Hi-Crest Neighborhood only has one bus stop, which is located outside of SENT’s building. The community has carried these unfavorable designations for as long as the city has been categorizing neighborhoods, until recently. Due in large part to SENT’s work, Hi-Crest moved up one rung in the continuum of Intensive Care through Healthy Communities. But much work remains to be done, both to cement gains and to continue to rise.

The results of a March 2023 Health Ratings report for Shawnee County show:

  • The rate of children living in poverty has increased (from 13% to 16%) and is much higher for black (27%) and Hispanic (22%) children.
    Household income is significantly below that of the state average. 18% have an income-to-poverty ratio of less than 1, as opposed to 11.4% of Kansans.
  • 46% of the community spends 30% or more of their income on rent alone, and 24% spend more than 50%. A family is considered cost-burdened if they spend 30% or more on rent and utilities. (studies indicate that an area family must make $41/hr to make ends meet or almost $82,000/yr).
  • Only 3.6% of residents receive public assistance income and only 13% receive SNAP.

These statistics underscore the importance of food security and access to healthy choices. The Southside Filling Station aims to address this critical need in Hi-Crest.

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Southside Filling Station (Coming Soon!)


Launching in August 2024, the Southside Filling Station will be a neighborhood pantry offering essential grocery items and support to Hi-Crest residents.


Through collaboration with organizations like Harvesters, Fellowship Hi-Crest, Shawnee County SNAP-Ed, and local businesses, SENT aims to:

  • Address food insecurity in Hi-Crest.
  • Increase access to nutritious food options.
  • Provide additional resources and support.


We are excited to unveil the Southside Filling Station in Summer 2024. Check back soon for details on opening hours, access procedures, and more.

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The Monthly SE Topeka Market (On Hold)


While currently paused, The Monthly SE Topeka Market plays a vital role in our community. Similar to a farmer’s market, the SE Topeka Market offers:

  • Fresh food bundles at discounted prices including produce and meat.
  • A platform for local businesses and resources to connect with residents.


We look forward to resuming The Monthly SE Topeka Market in 2025 as we continue to develop our Community Wellness initiatives.

If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

― Mother Teresa ―

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