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Intentionally walking beside neighbors through loving relationships and strategic development to accomplish holistic transformation of neighborhoods in Shawnee County.

STRATEGY 1:  Loving Relationships

Loving Relationships

When we walk alongside the marginalized and vulnerable with loving relationships, we begin to understand their struggle first-hand because we are rooted in their community.  The community becomes inspired with love, hope and expectation for change and restoration.

STRATEGY 2: Life Giving Resources

Life Giving Resources

When life giving resources are fused with natural assets and abilities found within a neighborhood, the people develop dignity and ownership. These outside and indigenous resources working together resources empower the residents toward healthy transformation.

STRATEGY 3: Life Changing Experiences

Life Changing Experiences

Dreams and aspirations are stirred, leaders are developed, and an entire community is transformed through life changing experiences.  A community can change from “you, them, and theirs,” to “we, us, and ours.”