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Building Resilience Through Connection

At SENT, Inc., we understand the importance of mental well-being. We offer a variety of group support programs designed to foster connection, build resilience, and empower individuals on their journeys toward healing and growth. Explore the possibilities and find the support you or your loved one needs.

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Making Sense of Your Worth

A program for men, women, and teens.

Self-worth is the foundation of who we are as human beings and in today’s world is highly sought after. It plays a role in every decision we make and in every relationship we have. This eight-week program is designed for men, women, and teens who desire the freedom that comes with positive self-worth and secure attachment. Participants will go through a series of sessions in a group format designed to help them understand how the events in their lives have contributed to low self-worth. The classes focus on developing an understanding of the “lies” an individual believes about themselves, such as “I am not good enough,” or “I am not smart enough,” or “I have no patience” and how to replace these lies with truth. In addition, once a participant is released from the beliefs associated with the past, the sessions focus on rebuilding a new life based on positive self-worth as well as how to maintain these gains. The group was designed by Cindy R. Lee, LCSW, in collaboration with HALO Project International.

The program is comprised of 8 sessions lasting 2 hours in duration. Class size is generally no larger than 12 participants.

". . . [you'll gain] courage and knowledge to walk through whatever you are going through. Most importantly you learn you are not alone in the world."

“My participation in this program changed my life. I had no idea how and why I felt so bad all the time or why I was so hard on myself. I figured it out in this class and was able to let go of the lies I have carried for so long. It is tough work but so worth it.”

"I have struggled with my self-worth for as long as I can remember. The steps laid out each week, and sharing with our table group all contributed to the success I've experienced. This really touched me and caused me to reflect and confront the lies I've been telling myself. I feel lighter having left those lies I've been carrying behind me. I haven't felt this good about myself since, maybe ever!"

"Thank you! This is the best equipping that I can carry into the future and use in other things that pop up from my past or occur in my present. This will help me when I feel stuck or frustrated with life and relationships."

"I felt that every week I was shedding a layer off. And after class, I left with a skill to practice throughout the week."

"Toward the end, I noticed that it was easier to not take what people said and did as personal toward me. I could look at what they might be going through."

"One of the best things about this group was how it made me look at the source of my views and why."

"This class has profoundly influenced my life."

"A couple of the best things about this group were the tools to help get past things that were holding me back and friendships I made with other attendees."

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Parenting for Positive Self-Worth

This is an 8-week group that helps parents to learn effective strategies for raising confident and resilient children. This course is rich with insights from the TBRI® principles. Our inaugural group will be held in Summer 2024 and led by Greg Lombard Rea.

This program will provide the participants with the answers they seek about what has happened as well as the step-by-step process to healing and gaining positive self-worth. It will also provide new parenting strategies aimed at helping children heal and develop their own positive self-worth.

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Creative Expressions

creative expressions

This is a weekly, FREE non-formal group for middle and high-school teens using creative techniques to better understand and express emotions. We also work to gain coping strategies and build self-esteem. This will be a place for students to connect with friends, and explore different creative means of expression. The group is held on Thursdays from 4:30-5:30 pm in Room 107.

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Substance Use Disorder Groups

More Information Coming Soon about Our Outpatient Treatment Groups!

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