We love what we do because we are fiercely committed to our mission of intentionally walking beside our neighbors through loving relationships and strategic development

We are serious about professional, personal, and spiritual growth because we believe it’s part of good stewardship. We want to grow so we can serve more, and serve better. Holistic transformation in our neighborhood is a big job that takes Loving Relationships, Life-Giving Resources, and Life-Changing Experiences

Dignifying, Relational work. Smart, Fun Teammates. Intentional Focus. 

Note: We are serious about getting the right people in the right spots, so our hiring process is a little different and longer than most.

**SENT is a PSLF Qualified Employer**
Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) is a federal program that can erase your student loan balance after you make 10 years’ worth of monthly payments, for a total of 120 payments, while working for the government or a nonprofit organization. You can learn more here


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View all our Job Descriptions and apply online at Scott HR. Please complete an employment application. Please include a resume. Further questions may be directed to Karen Bodner, Scott HR,, or at 785-220-1557.

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