"I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across
the waters to create many ripples"
- Mother Teresa



Nikki Ramirez-Jennings - Executive Director

Nikki loves to do life with others and is appreciative of any opportunity that allows her to love, gather and elevate others in our Topeka community. Nikki is a firm believer of leading with love and logic. Her ability to lead with grace makes her a beloved member of the Topeka Community as well as a wife and mother to her four kids and two fur babies. You can find Nikki at church, serving in the community or in the bleachers cheering on her favorite athletes, her children. Nikki’s favorite thing to do is curl up with a good book. She is currently reading, Tattoos on the Heart, the Power of Boundless Compassion by Gregory Boyles.

Tricia Sublet - Mental Health Specialist

For Tricia and her family, Hi-Crest is home. It’s not just where their house is, but it’s a community of friends with whom they share life and consider family. A helper at heart, compassionate and creative, Tricia loves watching others achieve their goals and finding hope in healing. She considers it a pleasure and an honor to be able to walk alongside others on their journey to finding new hope in a new life. She is able to see this in her work with clients, at home with her kids, and in her time serving at her church.

Jay Rice - Construction Foreman

Jay’s favorite thing about the Hi-Crest neighborhood is its people. His hope for the community is to see its residents’ dreams come true. A defining moment for him was when he learned that helping people is not a 9 to 5 job, it’s about loving people and being present in their lives. As Jay puts it, “Helping people is a project; people are NOT projects.”

Nikki Morris- SENT Prep Academy, Center Director

Nikki Morris is our SENT Prep Academy Center Director. Nikki has over 13 years experience in education and for the last 6 yers, she's worked in early childhood special education. Her experience is a great asset to our center. Nikki enjoys being a part of an organization that helps the community and blesses many people- especially our youngest neighbors and their families. Oe of the thing we love about Nikki is her open-mindedness.  She excels at seeing things from other perspectives. Nikki's favorite local restaurant is The Big Biscuit. Something you may not know about Nikki is that she can drink coffee all day long. 


Johnathan Sublet – Chairman

Johnathan functions as the Lead Pastor for the Hi-Crest campus of Fellowship Bible Church. He is married to Tricia and together they have three wonderful kids. Johnathan is a Texas native who is new to hunting but an avid fan of sports.

Dr. Beryl New- Vice Chair

Dr. Beryl New is Director of Certified Personnel and Equity for Topeka Public Schools. She is also the co-chair of the district’s Equity Council, which closely examines the ways in which race impacts student success. She has served as an educator for thirty years in teaching and school leadership. A resident of Topeka since the age of nine, she is also a member of Faith Temple Church - Topeka, where she has taught Sunday School for nearly forty years.

Sara Hoyer - Treasurer

Sara was born and raised in Topeka. She currently serves as Director of Business & Finance and Board Clerk for the Shawnee Heights School District. Sara earned a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration from Washburn University and a Certificate of Public Administration from the University of Kansas. Her twenty-year career in budgeting and accounting has centered on the human (disability) services and educational sectors of government. She volunteered in various capacities at her local church home since 1998 and loves to serve people. She currently attends Fellowship Bible Church – Hi Crest, in community with other people who have a heart to serve. Outside of work and ministry, she spends her time with her two sons, RJ and Elijas, who are her two greatest gifts. Spending part of her childhood in Hi-Crest gives her a passion for the SENT mission. In her role at SENT and in community, she hopes to teach her sons that with God, all things are possible.

Dana Revels - Board Member

Dana has a passion for real estate and enjoys having the opportunity to help others along their path to homeownership. Having recently obtained her real estate license, every day she is seeking out the next home or encouraging one through the process and finds the work very rewarding. For the residents of Hi-Crest, Dana hopes to encourage new skill sets to inspire others to achieve their dreams. “Everyone must know that it’s okay to dream and those dreams are attainable.”

Linessa Frazier - Board Member

Originally from South Carolina, one of the things Linessa loves about Hi-Crest is how the entire community stands fearlessly against challenges and recognizes an opportunity to embrace and effect change. That hope, she says, “can’t be manufactured.” This is fitting as she considers spring to be her favorite season; a season of rebirth and something the Hi-Crest community has been striving towards.

Daphne Lauber - Board Member

Daphne got involved with SENT through our Monthly Hi-Crest Market and recently pulled up her sleeves as a volunteer at SENT Prep Academy. She decided to get involved with us because she believes in our mission and wants to be a part of reaching and empowering the community. When asked what is her favorite thing about the Hi-Crest Community, she shared, "I just feel at home here. It feels like a true community, that is working together to change and grow."


Christine Caplinger - Board Member

 Christine shared that she got involved in SENT after speaking with Johnathan Sublet and TJ Lorsen in order to help improve areas of Topeka that are potential shiny diamonds, helping our city stand out. She wanted to offer her time to help improve her hometown and to make Topeka and areas like Hi-Crest that are frequently overlooked be something that Topekans can be proud of. Christine's favorite thing about Hi-Crest is the growth and community that comes together to witness the result of their hard work. She hopes that Hi-Crest becomes a place that people WANT to move to and that they feel proud of. Christine plans to be a part of the SENT mission by "getting her hands dirty," so to speak. She will provide her time, business, and legal knowledge to help SENT use our resources effectively. When she isn't volunteering with SENT, Christine serves as an Attorney with Smith Law Firm and is a member of the Kansas Bar. 


Tricia McCourt - Board Member

 Tricia wanted to be involved with the “boots on the ground” approach that SENT offers the Hi-Crest community - walking alongside and meeting residents where they are; educating and guiding them as they work to get where they want to be; and empowering leadership within the community so that it might flourish. She first got involved with SENT by volunteering with the Fellowship Hi-Crest church at our monthly Hi-Crest Market.
When asked what her favorite thing about Hi-Crest is, Tricia said, "The thing I like most about the Hi-Crest community is the people. I moved to the neighborhood in January of this year and my neighbors are amazing! They watch out for me and even though many of them have lived here for years, they have accepted me and I feel very comfortable."
Tricia earned her Bachelor of Science in Mental Health & Addiction Counseling and holds certificates in Moria Therapy and Victim Survivor Services from Washburn University. Currently, she's working on a master's for Addiction Counseling at Washburn University while working as a Substance Abuse Counselor.


Kristin Miller - Board Member

 Kristin Miller’s first introduction to SENT’s mission was as a vendor at our monthly Hi-Crest Market. She was also one of the first people who participated in our SENT Gives Back program focused on building pride in our homes through “curb appeal” projects. Kristin lives in Hi-Crest and has been aware of our organization since Nikki became the Executive Director. “I believe that SENT truly cares for our community and wants to see the community uplift each other and I love that.” When asked what her favorite thing about Hi-Crest is, Kristin said, “I grew up here and how can you not love that. There is nothing like being able to go home again.” Kristin’s biggest hope for Hi-Crest is that it “becomes a community where kids can play in the streets and neighbors know neighbors again and look out for one another.” When she isn’t volunteering with us, Kristin’s full-time work is as a Title I Finance Specialist. 


Tre'Jor Hopkins- Board Member

 Many of you may know Tre'Jor as the owner of the Flavor Wagon Food Truck - a regular at our monthly Hi-Crest Market. Tre'Jor decided to get involved with SENT because he loves the neighborhood he grew up in! He loves that his family and friends live here and he has great hope for our future. Tre'Jor's hopes and dreams for Hi-Crest revolve around "giving our youth more engagement, giving our Hi-crest youth nicer neighborhoods to live in and seeing positive building going on - encouraging young people to take part and even consider a career here at home." Tre'Jor sees his participation in our mission as God continuing to answer his prayer to use him as a part of realizing his hopes for Hi-Crest.
Tre'Jor is from Topeka and graduated from both Shawnee Heights High School and Washburn Tech with a degree in Culinary Arts. His favorite local restaurant is Blind Tiger – their cheese fries are his go-to order. One thing you may not know about Tre'Jor is that he's a diehard football fan.


Qiana Anthony- Board Member


 We’d like to welcome our newest board member, Qiana Anthony, who is serving as our Board Treasurer. Qiana decided to get involved with SENT because she can see that our organization brings value to people’s lives and that is something she wants to be a part of! She loves the people here and having previously lived in Hi-Crest, she knows the real sense of social connection among our neighbors. Her biggest dream for Hi-Crest? “To see economic growth and education for the residents.” By joining the board of directors, Qiana is hoping to learn more and find ways to be helpful while sharing her financial knowledge. Currently, Qiana serves as the Senior Branch Sales Member at CoreFirst Bank & Trust, and has worked in the finance industry for 16 years. She’s also a part of Leadership Greater Topeka. Two words that describe Qiana are strength and discipline. She’s known for her gratitude, being thankful for all that God has blessed her. Qiana’s favorite local restaurant is Soulfire Food Company – especially their mac and cheese!

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